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MACH 5 is a 100% solids, self-leveling, primer-less, odorless, water-clear coating often used for seal coats, artworks, and other projects that require multiple layers in a short amount of time. MACH 5 Epoxy can be used anywhere a hard, durable, crystal clear coating is needed. MACH 5 Epoxy will cure to a clear, glass-like finish. MACH 5 Epoxy has been enhanced with a UV absorber and a HALS (hindered amine light stabilizer) to help lessen the effects of UV light, protect against loss of gloss, cracking, and chalking, and reduce yellowing.

*Available in 1 or 2 Gallon Kits

Bulletproof - Mach 5 | 100% Solids Epoxy - Fast Cure

PriceFrom $121.00
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